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Do you love wine? Same! Could you drink it with a straw? Same! Wow, crazy, we have so much in common!!!

Do you know a lot about it? Have you made a career out of it? Do you take specialized classes about it? If you answered “no” to any of those last few questions, you’re in the right place (and you also may be thinking “wow, this girl is a little conceited and pretentious”). Well, while it may be true that I’m possibly a little too obsessed with wine, I’m hoping you’re here because you want to learn more. And I’m only really here because I want you to learn more (but mostly because I’m tired of people handing me the wine list at restaurants and making me pick; I’m also indecisive and there is a lot of pressure to please).

You know that episode of FRIENDS when Phoebe is labeled “the lady who tells the truth”? At the library where she sings to kids to impress that guy? Where adults skirt around the truth by lying to their children, but Phoebe isn’t afraid to sing about where hamburgers come from? I like to think of myself as the “lady who tells the truth” when it comes to wine. Our generation (aka millennials, it’s time to embrace the name with pride, you guys) craves straightforward, direct responses amidst a world that tries to sell us anything and everything.

After several years working in ~fine and rare~ wines, I’m a little underwhelmed (read: noticeably annoyed with) the dilapidated “tasting note terminology.” I can’t sit here with a straight face and tell you a wine has “pleasant, round tannins and notes of cassis.” I’m going to tell you what “cassis” tastes like so you can understand (FYI it tastes like a blackberry made out with some licorice and rolled around with a Cuban cigar) and help you in your quest to learn more about your favorite adult beverage.

[In theory that’s what this series is intended to be. In full transparency, I predict this will be more of a way for me to feed my narcissism and spread my wine wisdom to those less fortunate in the wine realm (aka you).]

I’m a facts gal. I love facts, whether random or relevant, useless or useful, I gotta learn ‘em. If someone brings up a topic, I probably have a fact about it. Did you know that a group of owls is called a parliament? Crazy. Well, this series will probably have some facts (that I think are useful) to help build confidence when it comes to wine. When reading my posts, please do so with a glass of wine in hand, because goodness knows I had one when I was writing them. Cheers!

XOXO, Macy

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