For those of you thinking to yourself “haha what an idiot, why did she spell ‘something’ wrong?” let me clarify.

Twentysommthing: noun [ˈtwen(t)ē] [säm-THiNG] 

A sommelier aka “somm” is a knowledgeable wine professional. A professional wine-o if you will.

A “twentysomething” is someone aged 20-29 (but for all intents and purposes, let’s call it 21-29 since we’re talking above the legal drinking age).

Thus, a “twentysommthing” is, by my own personal definition, a person aged 21-29 who loves wine and wants to expand his or her knowledge of the subject. [I haven’t trademarked it yet, so DON’T STEAL IT M’KAY?]

It doesn’t matter if you’re just 21 and starting out in this ~magical~ time, or if you’re 29 and on the precipice of hitting that major milestone. We’re all in this ambiguous age group together.

And let’s be honest, it’s hard to be a twentysomething (pay no mind to the eye rolls from those over 40). You’re starting out on your own and are eager to establish yourself and make a difference in the world, but you’re just too broke and too young to be taken seriously.

I’ve always been told that your twenties are “a time to find yourself and discover your place in the world” etc. etc. Well, I’m calling bullsh*t on that whole concept. That’s too much pressure and basically uncontrollable. Can we just agree that your twenties feel like “a time to pay your dues, barely afford anything, and pray that you’ll end up doing something you mildly enjoy?” If we don’t have to focus on our impact and legacy in the world, it takes the pressure off and lets us focus on things that are much more achievable: like wine, for instance.

Take a cue card from The Bachelor(ette) and start your wine ~journey~ today. Together, we can take our twenty-something attitudes and channel them into something more realistic than a mortgage.

Let’s be twentysommthings together (it sounds much more respectable anyways, almost like something you could put on a resume). Are you with me??

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