Bring on the Bubbles!

This post features celebrity guest blogger, the reigning “Bubble Queen” aka Julia Banks (and trust me, she’s earned the title… A blind tasting of 5 sparkling wines and homegirl nailed them all, even down to the producer).

When asked about her royal status, Ms. Banks replied: “It took a lot of hard work, practice and bottomless brunches to achieve this renowned title, but I’m humbled to be your Queen.”


Just for you, friends, she’s dropped a whole lot of wisdom for us to slurp up. Y’welcome.

The Bubble Queen’s Guide to Sparkling Wines

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Bellini’s anyone?? Prosecco is an Italian sparkling wine made from a grape called ‘Glera.’ It’s the sweetest on this list, with aromas of green apple and melon. Prosecco is a perfect pairing for your kale salad or outdoor picnic. Not only is it totally delicious and a mini vacay in a bottle, it is also typically inexpensive, so there is no need to hold back your sparkle intake! #FancyAndFrugal

Mionetto – $12- crisp, floral, apples, delish…

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Where I like to focus my rosé addiction – Crémant is made in the traditional method (think: the same method as Champagne, see below) BUT is grown in French regions that are not Champagne. EU Laws still require that these wines see a lot of TLC to be considered a “Crémant” (aka lots of mandated time devoted to production and grape care regulations), so the final product is vibrant, balanced and fruit-forward. It has all the techniques of a Champagne [see next category], it’s just not from the exclusive region itself. Typically Crémant is a white wine, BUT I actually prefer it in rosé form! Think about it, you already love sipping “Whispering Angel” or “White Girl Rosé,” so the only thing that could improve #RoséAllDay is some effervescence!

Bouvet Rosé– $18 – Raspberry, delicate mousse (bubbles), and dangerously easy to keep sipping. I buy this by the case… because as they say, “Always keep a bottle of Champagne (Crémant in this case) in the fridge for special occasions. Sometimes the special occasion is that there is a bottle of Champagne in the fridge!

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The elite growing region –just an hour northeast of Paris– has captured the allure of romantics and celebrities alike for centuries. The traditional method for making these dynamic wines not only takes many years, but multiple fermentations, aging vessels, and vintages combining all aspects together to find a perfect balance and establish that trademark house cuvée (blend). But why is it so expensive?!

Long story short, Champagne has the ability to express more complex flavors than many other sparkling wines of the world.

Some of these flavors include stone fruits aka fruits with pits in them (thanks to the blending of grape varietals and “perfect latitude”), minerality (thanks to chalky soil and the mandatory aging period), silky nuttiness (thanks to yeast autolysis) and impossibly tiny bubbles that make for easy drinking (thanks to C02). The draw of Champagne is also attributed to the proven fact that not a single person on earth can be in a bad mood while drinking it. So #TreatYourself. You deserve to be instantly transported into celebration/happy mode, even if it is just a Netflix + sushi kind of Tuesday.

Bollinger Special Cuvée NV – $60– Honey, peach, almond, velvety and refined. Pair with oysters, grilled vegetables, or a date with that dreamy new neighbor you’ve made eyes at but never actually spoken to…




*Julia Banks is a Junior Wine Specialist at Zachys Wine Auctions and is currently studying to get her WSET Diploma. Also she’s the bomb dot com and a blast and a half.

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